Acme Planetary Defense Review

By , on May 18, 2012

Acme Planetary Defense
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4 out of 5


  • 360 degree Missile Command.
  • A plethora of power-ups that end up littering the screen before each wave.


  • The game is extremely buggy.
  • Lots of annoying beeps.


At the time of review, Acme Planetary Defense was a pretty buggy game, but its Missile Command-esque gameplay shines through the flaws which hopefully will be patched out later.

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When you stop and think about it for a moment, we humans must be colossal jerks. There's really no other reason that in so many games, TV shows and movies, our homeworld is under attack by a hostile alien force. Oh sure in Acme Planetary Defense, most of your time is spent knocking asteroids out of existence, but we're pretty sure that those asteroids are being lobbed by aliens. Not only cause nuclear missiles accompany them, but sometimes they rock up to pelt us with lasers, or just to jeer annoyingly.

This is a take on the classic Missile Command style of gameplay, but given that you're protecting an entire planet, you have a nice three hundred and sixty degree travel radius for your protective missiles. The enemies come in waves, and once a wave is complete, you have access to the shop to not only buy all kinds of amazing upgrades, but to upgrade these upgrades. And then you can upgrade your upgraded upgrades. We'll stop now. At the start of each wave, every item you've purchased for your game appears in a crate littered around the globe, and has to be shot to be equipped. This means that after a couple waves, you literally have crates everywhere. This adds kind of a “lock and load” feeling before the bombardment starts.

The game has kind of a cartoony claymation style to it, and as the Earth's health whittles away, the effects of being hit with all means of destructive weaponry starts to show upon the surface. The sound is much more lacking, with too many bleeps and bloops being a hindrance rather than improving the play experience.

Acme Planetary Defense is fun, but it is also marred with bugs and balance issues. None of the bugs actually negatively impacted gameplay, but the lack of polish coupled with laggy loading on menus was noticed. When it comes to balance, while the selection of high powered weapons and accessories gives a player a feeling of excitement and power, there is less a gradual difficulty curve, and more random spikes before you feel overwhelmed. With a little more polish and ironing out, this could be an enjoyable high score game that could have gamers fighting for leaderboard supremacy.


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