Mega Run - Redford's Adventure Review

By , on June 1, 2012

Mega Run - Redford's Adventure
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4 out of 5


  • Challenging labyrinthine stages; almost a puzzle element to collecting gems on later stages.
  • Strikes a good balance between pay-to-play and natural progression; rewards the former without punishing the latter.
  • Hard not to smile while playing; vibrant visuals with neat and amusing touches.


  • Repetitive challenge for those not interested in three-star or gem-finding goals.
  • In a nice twist, IAP prices for early-unlock credits are very pricey.


Mega Run - Redford's Adventure doesn't water down its gameplay and in fact, shows auto-runners on the store just how they should do it, bringing plenty of fun power-ups and clever level layouts to the table, making it a must try title.

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Eventually there comes a time when a gamer automatically hesitates approaching a free-to-play game on the App Store, if only because they've been burned so many times in the past; be it for poor gameplay; outrageous IAP; or obtrusive advertising. But amongst the ever-increasing pile is the kind of rare game that flips the table and says, "If we make a good game, then they'll pay us."

'Mega Run - Redford's Adventure' by Get Set Games is a classic platformer in a way that few similar titles have managed to capture in the past. Despite being an auto-runner the game presents complex levels with multiple paths; a huge variety of scaling power-ups; and a sense of scaling challenge that begs you to master its secrets.

Each level has three simple goals: complete the level, earn three stars, and collect the hidden gems. However, to go beyond the first goal requires you to master collecting stars and stomping on enemy monsters, hopefully with the aid of power-ups that range from increasing your size and turning you in to a juggernaut, to launching fireworks or freezing blasts that home in on enemies.

Where Mega Run shows its teeth is in attempting to collect the hidden gems. See, each stage has a fixed, albeit labyrinthine layout reminiscent of classic platformers. In order to collect all the gems you'll need to learn not only where the gems are, but how to get them, often recruiting the aid of unlocked power-ups to do so.

Whether you fail or succeed, Redford will earn experience, which eventually unlocks items for purchase using coins you collect on each stage. Their prices are scaled in just the right way to be too high for those blitzing their way through stages, while those who attempt three-star or hidden-gem runs will have no problem. Alternatively everything can be unlocked early via credits from the IAP store.

For a game that asks nothing of the player to try it out, Mega Run bursts with life and doesn't pull its punches, scaling its challenges smoothly while keeping the experience fun and lively. If there's a catch it's that your enjoyment will be dependent on whether you invest yourself in the game's challenges, but at this price there's no reason not to try out Mega Run for yourself.


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