Mad Rush Review

By , on November 16, 2011

Mad Rush
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4 out of 5


  • Cute character designs and crisp visuals.
  • Farting rabbits.


  • Levels drag on too long.
  • Not much to the gameplay.


Mad Rush is a funny idea with good presentation, but falls a little short in the gameplay department.

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Noop always wanted to be a galactic racer like his father, and now that the evil Mr. Storm is trying to attack Earth, he has a chance to make his dream come true... by farting! It turns out that the propulsion system of galactic racing is of a more organic variety.

Mar Rush has you versing a number of racing opponents. To move on, you need to win all three race types; diehard, slalom, and nitro. All are variations on the same idea. When the flag turns green, press the fart button which will launch Noop into the air. From here you control his ascent left and right by tilting. Eat as many bugs as you can (the larger ones make you go faster), and when you've gulped down enough, you can engage gas mode all over again. Avoid the obstacles that will slow you down and reach the finish line before your opponent. A neat enough idea, and power ups and power downs make things interesting, but the races definitely drag on too long, as excitement and amusement quickly turns to boredom.

At least the visuals and audio are amusing enough. The anguish on the face of Noop as he shoots off from the start line is reminiscent of those crazy Rabbids from Ubisoft. The sound effects are hilarious and the music does a good job of keeping the mood light. There are thirty races in all to complete as part of the story mode, with multiplayer promised in a future update.

Mad Rush is fun enough, it's just a game that should be played in small bursts. The modes aren't that different from each other and as mentioned, the races tend to drag (and not in a funny racing pun related way). Multiplayer may add some more excitement but for now, this should only be recommended to those who like what they see.


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