Eager Beaver Review

By , on June 19, 2012

Eager Beaver
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4 out of 5


  • One-touch control simplicity.
  • Hazards provide a modicum of challenge; all predictable in their own way.
  • Cute presentation over a variety of locations.


  • Sinks in to repetitious familiarity early on.


Eager Beaver mixes up the tower-building concept by placing it underwater; while similar in many ways it proves to be entertaining despite the same-ish feel.

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I'll simply mention the awkwardness that is the title of Eager Beaver by Gamagio and Chillingo and simply leave it at that. Thankfully the game has absolutely nothing to do with the gutter-mind interpretation and everything to do with its literal interpretation as you control Edgar, the only beaver who seems to enjoy creating dams with the help of junk laying about and his trusty wooden fork-lift.

As you can imagine, your time will be taken up by the task of building dams with the fixed series of objects you're handed, hopefully stacking them just right to block the flow of water (as indicated by a handy % label in the corner of the screen). 'Flow' being the key word here as each level slowly ramps up the strength of the tide that twists and turns the rocks and junk being tipped in to the river. Add in explosives, ravenous and angry fish, as well as turbines to suck up some of the water and things aren't as easy as they first appear.

Building your dam is at least a complete doddle as you only need one touch to play. Holding down and dragging will reposition your flotsam while also rotating it slowly. Let go and the piece drops in to the stream, sinking to its final destination. While not entirely realistic in its physics, the blocks do fall with a somewhat intuitive predictability, making failure a problem of poor placement and timing than random luck.

Still, the variety of challenges wears thin after some time, even with the multitude of traps and creatures barring the way - each block your given tends to hint at the optimal solution (as they're fixed), so with only a modicum of experimentation you'll plow right through the currently available content.

Eager Beaver's unique take on the tower-building concept makes it a worthwhile title to check out, but before long the game will set in to a rote pattern and you may be wishing for a bit more meat to the various challenges you're presented.


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