Pinball Maniacs: Cartoon Pinball Adventure Review

By , on July 9, 2012

Pinball Maniacs: Cartoon Pinball Adventure
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4 out of 5


  • Adding mission based gameplay to pinball.
  • While a freemium title, it's not completely designed towards wringing money out of you (just mostly).


  • Coins are needed for everything, and while easy to obtain, rubies have to be bought with real money..


A fun enough pinball experience for no cost, but for continued play and more content, be prepared to cough up.

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Pinball Maniacs is a pinball game where getting a high score really isn't that important. Let that sink in for a minute. Yes there still is a high score recorded when play has ended, but you're not playing for points. You're playing for coins and rubies. You expect some of the design to shift when a game is freemium, but to shift pinball away from high scores? Well it's a bold move if nothing else. Let's explore further.

You start with one table, the other being unlocked by rubies, with the promise of more to come in future updates. You have one ball, and to play again when you lose it costs coins (well the first retry is free, but the first time is always free in games like this). Luckily coins are easy enough to come by, and you should always have enough to keep playing, even if the price does rise with each subsequent retry. Due to this, coins are the main focus of the game. They show up when events or missions are triggered, and the bonus areas are littered with them. Completing missions and bonus areas also unlocks power-ups that can be used to your benefit, such as a coin collecting magnet (again, first use is free, then it's pay to use). The best way to uncover both coins and rubies though is to complete the mission-like achievements that any iPhone gamer should be all to familiar with by now.

As a pinball game itself, Pinball Maniacs is OK. The internal physics seem to lack weight, but this also can be favorable as it's a lot easier to use the flippers to stop the ball from going down south. The missions area usually clearing out enemies or collecting coins, and the whole experience is quite enjoyable as the tables have a simple but charming appearance (along with the clanging sound of coin collection). As long as you understand you're not playing a traditional pinball game, and the freemium design doesn't bug you, there's definitely fun to be had with this title.


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