Bridge The Gap 2 Review

By , on July 10, 2012

Bridge The Gap 2
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3 out of 5


  • The extra pirates you can hire with their own unique qualities gives levels re-playability.


  • Long load times.


A physics puzzle game based around pirates, where gold is the currency... but it can buy you more crew, and snazzy headgear.

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If Bridge the Gap 2 has taught me anything, it's that pirates are capable of only the most rudimentary physical abilities. If you want them to not fall down chasms to their untimely demise, they need the invisible hand of a pirate engineer to place wooden poles, barrels and boxes down so they can not only get to their precious flag, but collect any gold coins along the way. Pirates do love their booty after all.

Each level gives you a set number of resources to use, and a limited selection of which items are available. Dragging them onto the screen will lower the counter, but you can use the saw to get that resource back. The pirates themselves who follow their captain start waddling around once you press the play button. They can climb upwards to the height of one box, and will mindlessly walk to the right until they get stuck, plummet, or reach the end of the level. The stages slowly rise in difficulty, with more items at your disposal, but the physics engine itself is rather stock standard, lacking any particular enjoyment as you work out how to get these swashbucklers to safety by stacking crates, and using weight to create platforms or see-saws.

The coins you receive while playing the game (and for other reasons like logging in daily or liking the game on Facebook) can be used in the game's shop. There is a whole host of aesthetic items but you're probably going to want to save up to hire more pirates on your crew. Each pirate has a particular skill like searching for buried treasure or blasting critters out of the way, and your pirate load-out can add some uniqueness to play.

One glaring problem, at least on 3GS devices is that the buttons of the game have a tendency to not register input. Restarting a level may not happen unless you hit the random sweet spot, and even accessing the game from the menu can be an exercise in frustration. This coupled with long load times does a lot to aggravate the player. Especially seeing that aside from the pirate-themed premise, there's not really a hook to keep going, unless you really love games like Bridge Builder or were a big fan of the first Bridge the Gap.


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