Madcoaster Review

By , on March 23, 2012

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3 out of 5


  • Little touches like hitting animals and the loop de loops are amusing.
  • Nice backdrops for coaster riding fun.


  • Game is way too easy; having to purposely die to level up the objectives.


Instead of an endless runner, we have an endless coaster, and coasting along is exactly what you'll be doing, cause despite some neat ideas, this game offers little challenge.

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One of the first games AppSpy ever reviewed was 3D Rollercoaster Rush, and to be honest, upon opening up Mad Coaster, there was some expectations that it would be similar (as it had some fun albeit not long-lasting gameplay). Mad Coaster is not even close however, taking the concept of riding a rollercoaster and plopping it in the endless runner genre, complete with coin collecting, and objectives to complete.

All you need to know to play this is that you tap the screen to jump over crevices. That's it. Oh sure there's the aforementioned coin collecting, different tracks to jump onto, and five distinct and colorful backdrops to ride in front of, but as long as you tap in the right places, no harm will come to you. Not even from all the animals everywhere. This is one aspect where Mad Coaster is quite interesting. Most games of this type would have you avoiding these animals, but in this game you gain extra points by smacking into them, whether they be birds flying through the air or just creatures wandering down on the track.

Now one downside of this cruisy coaster gameplay is that it crosses the threshold of easy and streamlined all the way into boring. The objectives only level you up once a game is over, and in our play here at AppSpy, we had to purposely kill ourselves in order to progress. While this may be good for younger players, the lack of increased challenge as the game continues means that any player with minimum competency is going to stop playing rather quickly, and that is definitely not something any game developer wants to happen to their game.


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