Rinth Island Review

By , on April 4, 2012

Rinth Island
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4 out of 5


  • Challenging block-pushing puzzles; unique 3D towers provide interesting puzzle opportunities.
  • User-created content can be easily shared and enjoyed for near-endless play.
  • Multiple game modes provides replay opportunity and the chance to approach puzzles in new ways.


  • Rewind tool in limited supply; requires IAP to unlock and otherwise forces players to restart completely.
  • The games visual design, along with the zoomed out perspective can be hard on the eyes for smaller iOS devices.
  • Audio glitching; lags behind the visuals on screen.


Rinth Island takes something as simple as pushing blocks around and turns it in to an appealing and rewarding challenge - you're bound to find something to keep you hooked if you're a puzzle fan.

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When discussing a puzzle game, there's something we often forget to mention - almost a caveat of sorts. While some people happily avoid the genre entirely, those that do enjoy the odd brain-twister can be fickle and no matter the praise a game receives, it will forever remain unappealing to them. Rinth Island by Buzz Monkey and Chillingo is not immune from such fickleness, but while it's possible to find some aspects of the game unappealing, it provides such a huge amount of varied content that you're bound to find something to keep you hooked.

At its basic level, Rinth Island is a block-pushing puzzler, utilizing a 'side-scrolling' layout and asking players to find their way to a goal-item by figuring out the correct sequence of maneuvers. In terms of controls, the game keeps things simple thanks to a virtual-pad or swipe controls - neither are particularly amazing, but aside from one of the available game modes, it's not a major issue.

Each level is in-fact a large tower that wraps in on itself, creating unique opportunities such as needing to out-run a rolling block in order to proceed. The player isn't afforded a lot of control, being somewhat limited to either pushing different types of blocks, occasionally blowing up weak walls or flipping switches, but the complex environments and wrap-around layout of the levels make some puzzles a real mind-bender.

Things get even more interesting when you approach the same level with an unlocked game mode. Players can find themselves solving a level in an entirely new way thanks to needing to collect gems; attempting to finish the level in as few steps as possible; or completing it as fast as possible.

To top everything off, the content is limited only to your imagination as players can create their own levels, which can in turn be shared with others thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.

If there's any weakness to the game, it's the cramped and zoomed out perspective that can require some eye-squinting on smaller iOS devices.

Even if you find some game modes unappealing in Rinth Island, you're bound to find something to keep you hooked and better yet, the creativity of the growing community of fans means you're not likely to run out of something to do any time soon.


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