Sky Gnomes Review

By , on April 16, 2012

Sky Gnomes
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3 out of 5


  • Nice instantaneous matchmaking.
  • Unique take on racing.
  • Racer sounds like Mario when speeding through a checkpoint.


  • Can be hard to hit snowflakes (especially to gain combo multipliers).
  • Collecting enough spare parts to upgrade can be slow and arduous.


With daily leaderboards and a host of upgrades, Sky Gnomes offers a unique and interesting racing experience. It's just a shame you have to grind to get anywhere.

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When one thinks of gnomes the mind often wanders to those creepy all-too-happy garden statues strewn across your neighbor's yard. Who would have thought that they were dare-devils? OK, in fantasy it's long been known that gnomes like to tinker and invent contraptions, but if we are to believe Sky Gnomes by Foursaken Media, their favorite form of entertainment is to build racing machines that allow them to plummet from the sky as fast as gnome-nly possible.Sky Gnomes is an entirely multiplayer experience. Loading up a race will almost always immediately throw you in with two other players seamlessly. It does make us wonder if we were racing bots at any point in time to make up for how quick things seemed to work, but either way you're not waiting around to start a game. Once the race starts you have a third person perspective of your racer while controlling the joystick with your finger. The trick is to hit as many snowflakes as possible as they speed you up (as does flying through checkpoints). Along the way there are flying coin dispensaries and ice that if hit will most assuredly slow you down. Once finished you'll gain coin and spare part bonuses for completing objectives (which is how you advance to different tournaments), and will gain a random spare part on the wheel.The coins and spare parts are to upgrade your racer. Not only to make it faster and move maneuverable but there are a host of trinkets to craft that act as perks as you're racing (of course additional trinket slots have to be built onto your racer). Racing will place you on the daily leaderboards and you get bonuses for climbing the ranks as well as defeating any rivals on the boards the game throws against you (giving you a reason to return to earlier races).The thing is while the depth of additional content is here, the racing itself is kind of lackluster. Creating chain combos is tough because of the difficulty of actually hitting snowflakes, and then due to the amount of races needed to upgrade, it seems that it would be easier just to buy a spare parts pack as an in-app purchase to get a leg up on the competition, which is never something we like to see in games. For those who find the racing exciting however, Sky Gnomes will certainly give you plenty to strive for and a lot of bang for your buck.


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