Anomaly Korea Review

By , on December 20, 2012
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Anomaly Korea
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4 out of 5


  • Continues to push the visual limits of the platform; utterly gorgeous environments and slick, easy-to-use interfaces.
  • Short, but challenging campaign; prevents slipping in to monotony, while also providing additional challenges for those who need 'more'.


  • Ultimately more of the same; not a bad thing in itself, but the new additions fail to excite as much as they should.


Anomaly Warzone Earth was a brilliant miniaturization of an already incredible title, and while the 'sequel' is no less polished, it's more interested in the status quo than pushing boundaries.

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Although it's dubbed as the sequel to last year's smash-hit Anomaly Warzone Earth, 'Korea' is more of an expansion as it tacks on a handful of new features, along with a handful of stages to enjoy them in. Don't let that discourage you though - if anything it refreshes the franchise and pairs well with the detailed visual overhaul also included in this release.

The name of the game is 'tower defense', but instead of defending yourself from waves of enemies with towers, you're defending yourself from waves of towers. It fits neatly within the already aptly named 'tower offense' category and one of your main tools for dispatching enemies comes in planning your attack route via a map overlay. Each intersection offers you to ability to change directions, allowing you to loop back and forth in order to avoid the worst of the damage each fortified position can dish out.

Aside from directing your convoy, you can upgrade and add new units to it in the effort to strengthen its defensive and offensive capabilities. Unfortunately for the convoy, this isn't enough to survive, so thankfully as a commander you can deploy temporary power-ups that affect a wide area, providing benefits such as repairing damaged units; boosting their offensive capability; obscuring the line of sight of enemy towers; and even a good old airstrike for when you absolutely, positively have to make sure every last enemy is destroyed.

Along with the new abilities, players can also play with new units, including the Horangi - a devastating tank that can deploy an area-effect attack once charged up. These new toys will come in handy, especially once you start facing devious enemies like the 'Energizer' - a power-up sapping tower that can explode and heal nearby towers, potentially undoing all of your hard work.

If you obsessed over the original then there's absolutely no reason not to dive right in to Anomaly Warzone Korea - it's arguably more of the same, but just like the first it never hangs around longer than it needs to. For those who need more of a challenge, the 'Art of War' challenges will be right up your alley.


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