Time Surfer Review

By , on January 15, 2013
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Time Surfer
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4 out of 5


  • Time reversal mechanic perfectly paired with a slew of challenging obstacles.
  • Over-the-top, fun and colorful presentation.


  • While death is often avoidable, the sheer randomness of hazards can cheapen a run when you're left with no alternative routes.


A solid endless auto-'runner' and a great update to the Tiny Wings formula - Time Surfer is a great time waster.

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Amongst the auto-running genre's many niggling faults, there's always the sneaking thought that you could have completed a run much better if only you hadn't screwed up by a fraction of a second. Time Surfer by Kumobius hangs on to that idea and says, 'Fine, go back and fix your mistake, but it's only going to get harder.'

The game takes its cues from the Tiny Wings playbook, granting players control of a character that must 'surf' the hills by using a simple single-touch control of adding weight and falling faster. Time your descent just right and you'll be boosted on the other side, flying higher and faster depending on your exit angle.

However, where Tiny Wings ends with its selection of mini-missions and oddly-angled later islands, Time Surfer goes the extra mile by adding oodles of hazards in the form of enemies, pits, spiked blocks, asteroids and so on. The end result is a game that actively tries to kill you, starting early on past the first areas.

What's a gamer to do then? Time travel, that's what. If you tap the left side of the screen you'll start depleting a 'time' meter, smoothly reversing your actions until you let go or the bar runs out. If used in tiny bursts you'll be able to keep the flow smooth and fast - even on 'death' you're afforded the option to rewind, making it a generous mechanic to exploit.

The usual aesthetic purchases are also available, though progression does reward the player with levels that can then be used to unlock 'pets'. These represent temporary power-ups that consume coins, but used in the right combination they can seriously change the success of a run.

Time Surfer manages to pack everything in, from its garish, yet strangely appealing overuse of color, to its catchy soundtrack. For those who have been hoping for a strong update to the Tiny Wings concept, this is where it's at.


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