Star Wars Pinball Review

By , on March 27, 2013
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Star Wars™ Pinball 7
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4 out of 5


  • Each table has its own distinct 'flavor'; makes the cost of each one easy to swallow.
  • Rich visual and aural presentation; a dense treat for fans of Star Wars.


  • Dense/cluttered presentation may put off pinball purists.
  • Better suited for the iPad; much harder to follow the game on smaller screens.


Pinball fans shouldn't hesitate in grabbing Star Wars Pinball and all of its tables; there's just too much to enjoy and it's easy to find yourself pumping in virtual coin after virtual coin for hours on end as you master each one.

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ZEN Studios are digital craftsmen of dream-like virtual pinball machines and the idea of them creating not just one, but three Star Wars themed tables was like a dream come true. While you could pick up these boards as DLC for ZEN Pinball, the standalone App gives you a chance to participate in a Rebel vs. Empire 'metagame', and I couldn't give up the opportunity to bring balance to the force... via the dark side.

Your initial purchase will unlock Star Wars Episode V, with The Clone Wars and Boba Fett requiring an additional $1.99 each to play. To compensate for this, each table has its own distinct feel. Star Wars Episode V is dense and cluttered, but easy to pick up thanks to its linear mission-based system. The Clone Wars is still visually dense, but far more open, making it easier to follow the board. Lastly, Boba Fett brings back the missions, but this time paired with another open layout.

All of them feature video and audio clips from the franchise, giving the whole thing a genuine feel, but the real majesty comes in the 'impossible' design of each table. A virtual environment means ZEN Studios isn't restricted to the laws of reality, allowing the ball to swiftly float, push, pull and pop out of just about anywhere.

This does lead to a lot of visual confusion, especially when playing on boards like Episode V on an iPhone, but it's easy to learn the ins-and-outs of a table so you can eventually keep up with the fast pace.

Despite only coming out of the box with one table, the attention to detail is delightful, and jam-packed with nostalgia, making Star Wars Pinball a solid pick for fans of pinball games and those who love Star Wars.


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