Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops Review

By , on May 1, 2013

Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops
  • Publisher: EA Chillingo
  • Genre: Casual
  • Released: 28 Mar, 2013
  • Size: 170.3 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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4 out of 5


  • Simple to control tactical warfare.
  • Lots of collectables, with a decent upgrade progression.


  • Doesn't contain the versatility some may want in their real time strategy.


Very reminiscent of the Cannon Fodder series, Tiny Troopers 2 is a simple to control real time strategy game that does not take itself too seriously at all, and ends up being quite enjoyable because of it.

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The first Tiny Troopers is a game we missed reviewing when it was released last year. Well now that the sequel is out, we can amend that error. Many comparisons have been made of this series to the early nineties action series Cannon Fodder, and that comparison is quite apt indeed. You take control of a number of tiny troopers (as the name would suggest) who move, fire, and duck out of the way of enemy projectiles as a cohesive unit. You have primary and secondary objectives to achieve in small maps, and there are plenty of collectable to acquire as well (which help upgrade your ranks and weaponry), making you a greater force to be reckoned with.

Best of all, everything is done with simple taps and swipes. Tapping on the screen directs your movement, tapping on an enemy will fire a burst at them, and swiping will cause your troops to hit the dirt. You can also hold down to move, but that doesn't work as well, and you have to keep issuing the order to fire on an enemy if your first burst didn't take them out. You also gain explosives which can be dragged and deployed with a huge reticle. Just keep out of the way because those things pack a punch, and will level any structures near by. As you travel around, you will find health kits, extra weapons, dog tags, collectable messages, and medals which can be used in lieu of cash to upgrade your weapons, your camouflage, and buy you new specialised soldiers.

While it technically is a tactical real time strategy game, like its inspiration, Tiny Troopers 2 focuses more on the action, while using the map overview (with purchasable tactical hints) to plan attack. Most maps only have a couple approaches, with the 'off the beaten path' approach yielding more collectable goodies. There are also vehicle levels which offer a fun little change, as you are now on rails, and have to keep your transport in shape until the end of the mission.

For those looking for more action than strategy, Tiny Troopers 2 takes what the first game did and expands upon it. The progression of upgrades is consistent, and they appear to enhance a completable experience rather than being required purchases that are needed to grind for. This is a fun light tactical experience that doesn't take itself too seriously, and should be an easy recommend for fans of the genre.


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