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By , on May 31, 2013
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3 out of 5


A novel game concept.
Groovy jazz soundtrack with retro black and white Fleischer-esque visuals.


The gravity physics are a little too stilted and unpredictable.


1968 is fun little concept, but the questionable controls and physics leave something to be desired.

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The year is 1968. A full year before Apollo 11 makes its historic moon landing, NASA sends an automobile to the orbiting chunk of rock, and makes a shocking discovery: it's full of cheese. The old saying was right. As the astronaut behind the wheel of this lunar vehicle, you need to collect as much cheese as possible and reach the flags at the end of each stage, all in low gravity conditions.

The thing is, gravity - however low - shouldn't be this unpredictable. The car drives well enough, with the left and right sides of the screen acting as a balance between acceleration, brake, and moving in the opposite direction.

However, a lot of the levels are designed around the idea of speed, and these can be extremely troublesome. For example, many of the stages have ramps which allow you to fly up and collect pieces of cheese. The problem is, if you accelerate too hard in the direction of the slope, your car will start to somersault and lose the momentum you were hoping to gain.

This somersaulting is part of the game's mechanics. The three stars you can acquire in each level are tied to how fast you complete the stage. Completing a full rotation in mid-air will knock a second off your timer. It would just be nice if the game's physics didn't interfere with the ability to travel smoothly, as it leaves the player feeling that victories have more to do with luck than skill.

The black and white visuals are cute, and reminiscent of the Fleischer brothers cartoons from the thirties. The jazz soundtrack is great, but the loop is a little short. And, as it's the only music, you'll tire of it pretty quickly.

1968 has personality and is an interesting idea held back a little by its physics system. For a freemium title, its also very restrained when it comes to steering you towards in-app purchases. It's at least worth a look, and is educational as to the history of the space program. As it turns out we did have a flying car, it just only worked outside of our atmosphere. Who knew.


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joshdombro 6 years ago

I liked this game at first, but it soon became just another 3-star puzzler. The graphics are nice (I particularly like the black and white), and I liked the way the gravity felt, but after a few levels it just seemed the same. Still a cool game, and a nice review.