Papa Sangre II Review

By , on October 31, 2013
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Papa Sangre II
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5 out of 5


  • A richly-detailed collection of eerie soundscapes to explore.
  • Binaural 3D sound works to thrilling effect.
  • Excellent voice work.
  • Ingenious use of the iDevice's capabilities.


  • To get the full experience, you have to play on your own, in the dark, and standing up.
  • Some may find the whole thing a bit daft.


Building on its predecessor's creepy legacy, Papa Sangre II's surreal sonic delights make it a must-play for survival-horror fans.

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Papa Sangre II is a game you play in the dark, on your own, and preferably with eyes closed. Rather than showing you horrific images of monsters and bloodied bodies, this unusual survival horror game pulls you into its surreal world filled of forgotten memories and brain-sucking insects using the power of sound alone.

Guided by a the disembodied voice of Sean Bean, you must explore the afterlife in the hope of finding a way back to the land of the living. You're dead, by the way. Sorry.

If you want to play Papa Sangre II, you're going to need some headphones. The game uses binaural 3D to give the illusion that there are sounds coming from all around you. It also uses you iPhone or iPad's accelerometer work out in which direction you're facing.

At first, you'll be trying to recapture lost memories to keep disembodied guide happy. The memories let off a kind of audio beacon, allowing you to pinpoint their location. Once you have the memory in front of you, you tap out footsteps on the screen to walk forward and collect it.

However, the rooms in which these memories dwell often contain water pits, angry spirits, and insects which devour memories whole. It's up to you to listen carefully, work out exactly where these threats lie, and then steer yourself away from danger. Sometimes you'll be chased by enemies, forcing you to turn and run. Try to run too fast, though, and you risk tripping over your own feet, leaving you

Soon, you have to step into the memories themselves, often with nightmarish consequences. You might be blasting an advancing army of possessed shooting gallery ducks one minute, and trying to escape from a burning building the next.

To get the most from Papa Sangre II, you have to commit to the experience. Though you can play it by sitting down and swiping the touchscreen to turn around, you really want to be standing up in a darkened room with your eyes shut and your headphones cranked up.

Some may find themselves frustrated by the wilfully outlandish concepts and silly story, or just feel a bit daft spinning around on the spot while the cat looks on with judgemental eyes. However, if, like me, you've spent so long wandering the streets of Silent Hill that you involuntarily tense up at the sound of radio static, then Papa Sangre II's collection immersive soundscapes should flick your rusty, blood-streaked switch.


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