Strand Review

By , on November 25, 2013
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4 out of 5


  • Clean and attractive design.
  • End results resemble a kind of abstract art.
  • Idea is easy to grasp, but puzzles become tougher and more involving.


  • Games starts with the sound turned off for some reason.
  • Additional level packs are a bit too expensive.


Strand's deceptively deep gameplay not only strains the brain, but also delivers real rewards.  

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Long-time fans of AppSpy should know of our love for puzzle games. Still, when a developer takes a simple idea such as connecting together numbers and circles by lines, then realises it with the level of style evident in Strand, it's difficult not to take note.

Each board in the game features a group of circles. These circles are identified by a number, which identifies how many connections need to be attached to it. To create a strand and make a connection, you drag your finger from one circle to another. If you make a mistake, a quick swipe will cut the strand, While the board get more and more complicated, introducing pegs to wrap around and portals to manipulate, the game never strays too far beyond the core concept.

The process of wrapping a strand around a peg to change direction is not just a solution to the puzzle at hand, but is also a pleasurable physical experience. Though the strand initially feels loose and elastic, it begins to tighten as you wrap it around the pegs. Better still, making all the connections required and completing the board gives you a real sense of accomplishment. Interestingly, while most stages may only have one solution, the end result still feels uniquely yours, as if you've stumbled upon an answer no one else has discovered before.

If you've got an iOS device, there's no reason not to give Strand a whirl, especially as it's free to download. If you make it far enough, you can choose to pay money for additional level packs. Even if you just fancy playing the first few levels, though, it's well worth your time. 


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