Jet Car Stunts 2 Review

By , on January 6, 2014
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Jet Car Stunts 2
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4 out of 5


  • Finely-balanced tilt controls are a joy to use.
  • Wide range of modes and tracks keep things interesting.
  • Mastering tracks is rewarding and compulsive.


  • Extreme difficulty of later levels may alienate some players.
  • We hope you like the sound of engines...


It's not for the casual player, but if you like a challenge, then Jet Car Stunts 2's varied modes and pitch-perfect controls should get your motor running.

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While there's no shortage of racers on the App Store, there aren't many which can claim to be as downright brutal as Jet Car Stunts 2. Like its 2009 predecessor, it's a game about precision. In fact, almost every other aspect of Jet Car Stunts 2 seems to have been streamlined to force players to zero-in on the game's unapologetically raw racing core.

The visuals are clean, crisp, and simple, serving only to give you a strip of virtual tarmac to aim for. There is no background music, just the growl of your boost assisted engine and the screeching of your tyres. However, while the chassis of this lean, fuel injected offering might seem plain and unassuming, it hides a complex and finely-tuned racing experience.

Provided you unlock the full game via a single £2.99 / $4.99 payment, you'll gain access to 120 events spanning four different modes. The Platform mode, which sees you navigating a series of checkpoints to complete a linear course, makes a return, along with the Time Trial event. New to the franchise is the self-explanatory Race mode, and Freestyle mode, which tasks you with building a high score by performing stunts.

Once you clear the opening stages, the tracks become cruel daisy chains of gaps, jumps, and obstacles. But the challenge - and thrill - of the game comes from mastering the tilt controls. As well as steering your selected vehicle left and right, you'll also need to tilt your device backwards and forwards (while managing your boost supply) to keep yourself airborne during jumps and falls.

Working out the perfect time to alter your pitch and boost so that you can land on the next section of track requires increasing amounts of dexterity and accuracy. You'll find yourself having to restart checkpoints repeatedly when learning tracks, something that can become frustrating if you're not dialled in to the mechanics. However, if you're persistant, the responsive controls and devious track designs offer plenty of reward. It's not for the casual player, but if you like a challenge, then Jet Car Stunts 2 should get your motor running.


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Robhathaway 6 years, 10 months ago

I appreciate your efforts made in improvising the game. You have done a good job. The game is little better than the old version. But anyways it was interesting to play. This is game of car stunts but stunts in real life is also seen and it is dangerous. You are risking your life and your vehicle life too.

Georgesmithsmith_george 7 years ago

The game play is same as the jet car stunts. The game is not that much interesting to play. The remake didn't live up to the expectation instead it gained more negative reviews. It could have been more better.

AndersMage 7 years, 5 months ago

This game has me cussing and raging into the early hours of the morning, still, I appreciate that there are developers out there who put in the effort to provide players with a challenge. Everyone familiar with the original expected the sequel to be just as challenging, if not more so. It seems absurd that you deny this game its place amongst the Top Rated on grounds of being too challenging when the alternative would make it lacklustre sequel.