Eliss Infinity Review

By , on February 13, 2014
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Eliss Infinity
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4 out of 5


  • Cool retro style
  • Finger knotting action
  • Constantly introduces fresh challenges


  • It gets tricky fast
  • Tutorial and early stages drag on a little


Eliss Infinity is a fun and challenging action management game that offers greater rewards the more time you invest.

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Steph Thirion's Eliss Infinity is, put simply, a game about disc disposal.

You're tasked with keeping a series of spawning circles out of each other's way, until you are able to drag them into black hole and remove them from the field of play.

At first, this is as straightforward as it sounds. Each disk randomly fades into existence around the screen. It's up to you to move them into matching holes with whichever fingers you have spare. The stage is only complete when the required number of these holes has been filled.

In some ways, Eliss Infinity feels a bit like playing air hockey by yourself. Like air pucks, these circles are subject to momentum. Drag a circle calmly toward a hole and it will drift in gently. But flick one hard and the force will send it whizzing across the screen.

As with all plate spinning challenges, the difficulty increases along with the number of objects. The addition of different coloured disks into the 8-bit neon world is the first extra complication, meaning only circles of the same colour can safely touch. This is manageable with only a few disks on screen, but as more begin to appear you'll find yourself running out of space - and fingers - alarmingly quickly

To clear up onscreen clutter, can merge discs of the same colour together. This allows you to reduce the screen to one or two huge circles, rather than micromanaging dozens of smaller ones.

However, you'll have to pull these super circles apart again if you want to populate the holes, an act that will send discs zooming around the screen in a chaotic fashion.

Despite its difficulty, Eliss Infinity is always fair. Once you've got your head around the mechanics, you'll find it a compulsive puzzler that offers greater satisfaction the deeper you dive. 


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