World of Tanks Blitz Review

By , on June 30, 2014
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World of Tanks Blitz 3D War
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5 out of 5


  • Fantastic tank battling thanks to tight controls
  • Well-sized arenas keep the action exciting
  • Play as much as you like for free


  • IAPs are not cheap
  • Poor connections ruin matches
  • Fun can be scuppered by random matchmaking


World of Tank Blitz is a game that will convince you to part with your cash, but with so much of its frantic tank-based fun offered for free you'll find yourself more than happy to do so.

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At its most reductive, World of Tank Blitz is a modern interpretation of the Atari classic Combat. But this mobile instalment the of tank-based arena warfare behemoth bring flair - and considerate monetisation - to the formula.

A quick tutorial teaches you nuances of manoeuvring your metal death-machine using the virtual stick, buttons, and various drop down menus. It is a familiar system, but one made unique thanks to your tanks methodical pace and cumbersome turning circle.

The goal of the seven-on-seven matches is to either hold a central point for 100 seconds, or wipe-out the enemy tanks. Well-designed arenas offer just enough space and cover to not feel oppressive, while ensuring you never have to search for a fight. This creates a constant intensity with games rarely reaching their seven minute time limit.

Encounters swing between hugely satisfying and rage-inducing, depending on the cooperation of your team. When playing with an organised team it's hard not to whoop with joy when a flanking manoeuvre works allowing you to blast a distracted enemy from behind. The flip side of this is when you find yourself in an disorganised rabble, and you must watch as your allies are picked off one by one, leaving you fighting a war single-handed.

Our biggest problem with Blitz came from connection issues. When working optimally, the dramatic tank blasting mayhem plays out at a smooth 60fps. Unfortunately, if your internet connection is patchy, you find yourself warping around the map or stuck frustratingly in place. However, even with the occasional issue, the online play was a good deal more reliable than most real-time iOS multiplayer games.

Blitz's most impressive feat is its use of the free-to-play model. Instead of restricting play with energy systems, Blitz limits the speed at which you unlock its vehicles and upgrades. With a different tech tree for the American, German, and Russian factions, you will have to know your Panzers from your Cunninghams as you choose your tracks and turrets.

As with all free-to-play games these vehicles unlock at good pace initially, but before long you are forced to either enter into a slow grind or start paying to rise up the tiers. However, with the grind so enjoyable, and endless play against lower level tiers on tap, it's a monetisation system that's hard to resent.

World of Tanks Blitz is a fantastic online tank blaster that lets you play as much as you like for free, while offering good incentives to invest in its IAPs. This makes Blitz a rare example of a free-to-play game that earns its money before ever asking you to spend a penny.


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grey_area 7 years, 3 months ago

For those not familiar with WOT PC answers to AspieFox questions below:

damage and penetration are very subtle values that depend on the gun, the ammunition, the tank you are shooting, where you are shooting it and even the angle at which you shoot. As you become more familiar with tank weak spots and ammo/gun values you'll know how to get the best from your gun. As a basic rule auto loaders are best at short range ambush, heavy weapons can be used short range or for sniping at distance.

Machine guns are aesthetic only but they do look cool and that's all really. To be honest they'd do no damage in any case.

Critical hits mean that the shot has either damaged a module (tracks, gun, turret) or a crew member which is why you need your first aid and repair kits loaded. Critical hits don't always do tank damage.

Reload times will vary from tank to tank. As a general rule smaller guns reload more quickly than heavy caliber weapons. You can improve loading by purchasing the gun laying drive as additional equipment. The exception to the above are autoloaders which shoot a load in a small time but after that you need to find cover while you reload which can take a while.

TheAspieFox 7 years, 3 months ago

I've got some qualms with this game, myself:

-No matter what gun(s) I get, the damage I do/chance to "penetrate" armor seems to be constant with very little change.

-Some tanks clearly have mounted machine guns that can't be used.

-There have been many instances where my shots will land "A critical hit!" , but do absolutely no damage.

-Reload times are horrendously slow for most tanks (or at least for the tanks I've gotten).