Skullduggery! Review

By , on October 14, 2014
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5 out of 5


  • Dynamic and intuitive flick-based movement
  • Cleverly designed levels
  • Loads of alternative routes and collectibles to keep you coming back


  • A little on the short side


Skullduggery!'s finely-tuned controls and smart levels turn pinging a skull around a room by its brain stem into an art form.

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In this zombie obsessed culture of ours you'll find hundreds of games built around protecting your brain from becoming a deadite's breakfast.

Skullduggery! flips the script on this trend. Here, your brain is not a helpless yet delicious blob of matter tucked away inside your bonce. Instead, it's an elastic and dynamic system of propulsion and attack, one which you will learn to manipulate until you can navigate mazes and shatter skeletons into bony bits.

Check out Mark Brown's review of Skullduggery! via the video above.


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