Top 3 iOS Games for July 2012

By , on August 10, 2012

Up, down, up, down - this time of year is certainly proving to be a confusing one as we find the occasional bright, shining gem, only to be left dealing with a swathe of average titles that fail to live up to expectations. I'm still holding out hope for August's titles, but for those of you who can't wait lets go over the highlights as we cover the Top 3 iOS games for July, 2012.

Editor's Choice: Tentacle Wars (FDG Mobile) $0.99

First off the block is a game that takes a formula we've seen played around with in the past, but for the first time in quite a while someone has managed to add a unique twist that adds a surprising amount of depth. Tentacle Wars not only places you in control of an alien's immune system, but in order to attack other cells you'll need to use tentacles to drain their energy. Even early on you'll need to learn advanced techniques such as extending a tentacle beyond its normal reach, giving you an advantage over the rapidly multiplying enemy. A great pick up for fans of strategy puzzlers.

Fieldrunners 2 (Subatomic Studios) $2.99

A lot of expectation was riding on the shoulders of Subatomic Studios, especially as other tower defense games had to live up to the golden standard set by their previous title. Instead of shying away and attempting to capture the casual market with simpler gameplay, Fieldrunners 2 ups the ante, utilizing standard features of the genre while retaining the same frantic appeal of the original. Sexier graphics, more levels, new towers to try out, and a combo system make this a TD worth checking out.

10000000 (EightyEight Games) $1.99 Univ.

It's nice to be surprised with something different, especially if the base components are something we've seen before. 10000000 by EightyEight Games refines the already explored territory of 'match-3 with RPG mechanics' by providing a psuedo quest, along with plenty of unlockables to keep you motivated. Each step you take along your journey brings you closer to the final '10000000+' score needed to 'finish' the game and we won't blame you if you continue on regardless.

Of course these aren't the only great titles for the month of July, especially if you're after something different to what's on offer. With the release of The Dark Knight Rises comes the inevitable movie tie-in and Gameloft's effort takes a good crack at the Arkham formula for fans of the movie. Although Amazing Alex may be a polished re-release of Casey's Contraptions, it's still the same game you should know and love, but now with Rovio's content-pumping ability backing it up. Outwitters proves to be a fascinatingly complex, yet fast-paced tactical title that could use a bit more variation, but otherwise won't cost a cent to enjoy. Lastly, 'Tiny Wings 2.0' released, not so much as a new title, but as a full-fledged iPad title, complete with multiplayer and a new race mode shared between all the available releases.

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