Top 3 iOS Games for August 2012

By , on September 12, 2012

Bastion (Warner Bros. Supergiant Games) $4.99 iPad Only

It's almost unfair that the iPad gets all the fun when it comes to Supergiant Games and Warner Bros. release of Bastion for the iOS platform, especially when it manages to feel so 'at home' thanks to its unique control method. Despite the lack of challenge in beating down enemy after enemy in this brawler, you'll keep coming back for more to learn the tale of 'the kid' and the world he inhabits. A real gem for iPad owners to enjoy.

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix (SQUARE ENIX) $17.99/$19.99

Balk at the price if you will, but aside from finding a copy on the Nintendo DS (which is - arguably - the 'better' release) for significantly more, it's worth every single penny. The fierce back and forth discussion from our viewers on the review's comment section is testament to how passionate it's fans are, though I still argue there's no reason not to love both; the core remains in-tact and if you're after a challenge you can always crank up the difficulty in game. This is just one of many novel and insanely addictive features The World Ends With You packs in and you're guaranteed to lose a lot of time over this if you're an RPG fan.

Editor's Pick: Horn (Zynga Phosphor Games Studios) $6.99

While Horn may quack like Infinity Blade, and in some ways even look like Infinity Blade, there's just no denying that Phosphor Games Studios and Zynga's hack-and-slash game is something else altogether. If anything the game has a distinct Zelda-like tone that's extremely appealing as it attempts to piece together a much larger world than a dungeon-infested tower, while also managing to pack in a compelling narrative. Horn helps to broaden the genre that may have started with Infinity Blade, but most certainly won't end with it.

While those three games may be the cream of the crop (at least for us), it'd be remiss of us not to mention the many other excellent titles that graced our offices. Blast-A-Way is yet another gorgeous, top-shelf title from a company that continues to innovate and excite; well worth picking up even if its camera does get touchy at times. Mikey Shorts may start out slow and simple, but hidden beneath the surface is an addictive (and downright devious) platforming title that nails its time-trial gameplay with solid controls. Bad Hotel brings a new, or in the least entirely novel approach to the 'tower defense' concept by not only taking the genre name literally, but also adding a sort of rhythm game aspect in to the mix as well; as mad-cap as it sounds, it really does work. Lastly, if you consider yourself a competitive individual Mad Skills BMX will be right up your alley thanks to its rock-solid physics, huge-offering of stages, and social network integration; be prepared for a serious challenge if you pick it up.

Of course this isn't all the month had to offer and I'm sure you have your own favorites! Share them below and don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and if you haven't already, like and Subscribe up above!

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