Top 3 iOS Games for September 2012

By , on October 14, 2012

The energy in the air is almost palpable as we head in to the late-Autumn, early-Summer release line up and gamers everywhere on just about every platform are enjoying hot new titles. The App Store is no different, with September managing to blitz its way through some huge releases, so lets check them out in AppSpy's Top 3 iOS Games for September, 2012.

FIFA SOCCER 13 by EA SPORTS (Electronic Arts) $6.99 Univ.

There's only so much you can do with long-established franchises that have yearly updates - of course they can package in a lot of small details, but as long as you can update the roster, there's no compulsion to buy a new sports game every year. FIFA SOCCER 13 could have easily fallen in to that trap, but the iOS platform isn't quite as stable as the console, meaning there's a lot of room for improvement as the developer becomes more comfortable with what they can accomplish. Featuring multiplayer and a revised, more challenging Management mode, you get everything from the previous releases, plus a significant amount more. Definitely a pick for football fans on the go.

STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN MOBILE (CAPCOM) $4.99 Univ. (currently on sale for $2.99)

Much like EA, Capcom are no stranger to constant updates to their fighting franchises though Street Fighter X Tekken brought a compelling new spin on things thanks to the mash-up of almost entirely disparate forms of gameplay. With their experience in bringing other fighters to the iOS platform already well established, Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile is no less polished and only feels lacking in the roster it brings to the table. Despite this, if you're a competitive fighting fan, you shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to duke it out with the ever-broadening community on the iOS platform.

Editor's Pick: Bad Piggies (Rovio) $0.99/$2.99

I just can't get enough of Bad Piggies by Rovio - in the time since its release there are any number of websites, communities and videos you can watch to help you finish this creative physics puzzler, but one thing is clear: there isn't always a 'best' solution. Once you're past the initial stages the game opens up in to a wildly imaginative system of taking what few pieces you have and bending them to your will to achieve your goals. This does also mean there's a slightly higher entry-level to the game than the avian-flinging title that brought them to the forefront of the App Store, but it's no less fun for its nuances.

If these games aren't to your liking, or you're just after more great titles, don't forget to check out: Lili and its easy to pick up gameplay that's set in an insanely beautiful world - it doesn't overstay its welcome, but you'll be glad you visited its vibrant world; God of Blades is an anthem to all things Fantasy, packing in a warbling soundtrack, acid-drenched visuals, and a gladiatorial combat system that keeps the game flowing smoothly - don't forget to visit your local library too for more bonuses; If you missed out on it the first time, don't miss out on it now because The Last Express is a 90's Adventuring gem that sets you in a living, breathing world where wasting your time is all too easy and potentially deadly; and lastly, who could honestly miss out on the heart-warming and mind-twisting adventure of a mother out to save her litter in Save The Puppies.

Thanks for watching and hold on to your jocks because October isn't looking to be any slower than September. Keep an eye on our website for all the updates, news, and reviews you'll need for this Autumn - until next time, have fun!

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