Top 3 iOS Games for October 2012

By , on November 7, 2012

For many, October means little more than 'the month before the AAA titles release'. While this is certainly true for most other platforms, the App Store is still churning out title after title, with many proving to be extremely entertaining (if not downright insanely addictive). So lets check out the month that was with AppSpy's Top 3 iOS Games for October, 2012.

Girls Like Robots (Adult Swim Popcannibal) $2.99 Univ.

I've learned many things from Girls Like Robots by Popcannibal and Adult Swim; for instance girls apparently love robots, while robots don't mind girls, but hate being trapped by them... OK maybe that's the only thing that really stands out, but darn it there's so much you'll need to keep in mind while placing down each tile to maximize the happiness of those you're in charge of. A real mind-bender if you think you're up to the challenge.

Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin (Microsoft Studios) $0.99 Univ.

It's far less surprising to see a game from Microsoft Studios on the App Store than you'd think - if anything the incredible game they released on it, Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin, shows that the developer is still able to churn out instant hits. You take control of a rather hideous creature stuck inside of a half-man-half-dolphin scientist, and with little more than tapping you'll need to navigate his terrifying innards. A gorgeous arcade title with a refreshingly unique concept.

Editor's Pick - Punch Quest (RocketCat Games Madgarden) FREE Univ.

An auto-runner you say? A FREE auto-runner? Surely it's a cheap cash-in with insane amounts of luring towards the In-App Purchase button. Well, you'd be incredibly wrong for thinking that of RocketCat Games and Madgarden's incredible Punch Quest. With monsters-galore, dungeons-a-plenty, and power-ups-a-gogo, you'll never have a run that's quite the same - and it only gets crazier as you unlock its many new moves, special events, and yes, hats. Of course you'll need to exchange in-game cash for these things, but despite a recent patch dropping the amount of cash you can earn, the insane amount of fun you'll have blitzing your way through zombies and flying-skulls alike means you'll probably seek out the IAP button of your own accord to thank them.

If these delights don't tickle your fancy there are plenty of other great titles to check out including: Funky Smugglers - a delightfully simple premise of checking flight passengers for contraband items turns out to be as funky, and as fun as its name implies. Carmageddon - while we await an update to the series, fans of the smash'em-up racing classic can get their hands on this wonderfully adapted release of the original. Crazy Taxi - Joins the ranks of Carmageddon as a wonderfully adapted classic title, but this time instead of plowing through other cars (and pedestrians) you're aiming to help them out. Polara - it seems the best that could be said of October is that auto-runners are slowly becoming more focused in their design and Polara's refreshing color-coded gameplay has a lot to offer.

We love letting you know just what floats our boat, but feel free to jump in to the comments and tell us what October meant to you. As always you can keep track of us via Twitter and Facebook, but most importantly you should subscribe to get all the latest videos as soon as they're up!

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