Top 3 iOS Games for December 2012

By , on January 7, 2013
Last modified 7 years, 7 months ago

The Top 3 Games for December always feels like a bit of a tease when everyone knows the Top 10 for 2012 is just around the corner, but we've got to fulfill our obligations and chief amongst these is letting people know what's worth grabbing right now. So lets cut to the chase and showcase's Top 3 iOS Games for December, 2012.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour (Gameloft) $6.99 Univ.

After having about a month's worth of distance to consider Gameloft's latest entry in its modern-day shooter series, Zero Hour remains a solid shooter worth picking up, even if it doesn't match the highs of previous releases. Gameloft have deployed this title with the practiced skill that comes from having released plenty of similar games, keeping it head and shoulders above most similar titles on the App Store.

Editor's Pick - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Rockstar Games) $4.99 Univ.

Words can't accurately describe how much fun Vice City was when it was first released on consoles and eventually the PC - while Rockstar still had a lot to learn about creating 3D games, the detail when it came to the content was (and still is) phenomenal. You'll need to get past the control issues that seem to plague the iOS release of this title, but for the most part it's a solid adaption of a classic sandbox title for the App Store.

Pudding Monsters (ZeptoLab) $0.99

What made Cut The Rope so fantastic was its open and inviting sense of playfulness in its puzzling. You swiped and tapped, making gizmos and gadgets move in order to save the always-cute Nom from hunger. Pudding Monsters continues this tradition, though with a puzzler that requires exactly the same amount of cold calculation and fun exploration. While there's not as much to do as current versions of CTR, it's a short, and more-ish puzzler that's sure to only get better with time.

While I'd like to think my personal opinion is the only one anyone would ever need, I'm not beyond admitting I'm wrong or that other games might tickle your fancy more than the three I've highlighted, so lets check out some alternatives.

Anomaly Korea continues 11bit Studio's 'tower offense' saga, adding in a handful of new units and abilities to compliment the updated graphics; Crumble Zone is perhaps pushing the limits of our list as it saw a release on the 29th of November, but it's an incredibly underrated and original shooter worth adding to your collection; Minigore 2: Zombies resurrects, or at least refreshes a genre that had become so stale, securing its place back as the king of the twin-stick shooters; lastly, Into the Dead may not be the most nuanced or complicated zombie-related title, but it is darn near the spookiest we've had to review - if nothing else, grab this title to experience its claustrophobic atmosphere for yourself.

Dave and I have some catching up to do as we discuss the finer points of 2012's greatest hits, but that only means we're that much closer to writing and publishing our list complete with the AppSpy community's top pick for the year. Until then, have a great day!

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