Top 3 iOS Games for February 2013

By , on March 12, 2013
Last modified 7 years, 4 months ago

You know, it's odd that I haven't had more requests for February's Top 3 list, but then again the competition was a bit crippled. Still, there were enough to choose from to make the final list a hard pick, so lets jump in to the Top 3 iOS Games for February, 2013.


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Finding Teddy (LookAtMyGame) $1.99 Univ.

This month has had a bit of a theme, but considering my long standing love of Adventure games, I have to say I'm glad to see so many great releases like Finding Teddy making their way on to the App Store. Taking on shades of classics like Loom, the player must find and utilize music in order to appease the wild creatures of the strange new world she's in. It's a heart-warming tale, but also a tough one thanks to its reliance on creating music as puzzle mechanic. In the very least you'll feel rewarded once you nut out its many secrets.

Penumbear (Bulkypix Taco Graveyard) $1.99 Univ.

Following on the heels of a cute adventure title about finding lost bears comes a puzzle platformer where you play a lost bear seeking a way out of a dark and dangerous castle. Players will need to master Penumbear's ability to walk on the line between light and dark, destroying creatures and the occasional boss while you're at it. Where so many platformers have tried and failed to capture the essence of the genre, Penumbear manages to nail it by giving the player forgiving controls and a wickedly challenging world that's fun to explore.

Top Pick - Year Walk (Simogo) $3.99 Univ.

And speaking of adventures, Year Walk by Simogo absolutely nails it. From its abstract, story-book like world filled with disturbing imagery and themes, to its haunting soundtrack; Year Walk is far richer and complete than games many times its size. This makes for the perfect playground for solving mysteries and helping out creepy supernatural entities as you try to take a sneak-peek in to the future. Don't forget to pick up the free companion app to get the most of of this month's top pick!

Of course these weren't the only three games on our radar. If you're after something a little different from these you can't go wrong with: Purple Cape and its strangely appealing and zen-like swipe-to-jump platforming that pairs well with its physics rich world; Puzzle Restorer also manages to evoke that zen-like feeling, albeit thanks to its dead simple to learn, but absolutely brutal to master puzzle system of swiping and filling the screen with various colors; Rock Runners may not prove to be challenging, but that's only because it's so forgiving, thereby maintaining a sense of flow at all times; and lastly, Solar 2 manages to give the GTA formula a galactic-sized overhaul, putting you in control of asteroids, planets, and even stars and black holes while avoiding deadly aliens and the occasional star disco party.

March is already looking great for those who own a PC or console, but what about those of us on iOS devices? All we can say is that the rest of the month has some killer releases, so we'll do our best to review them all and give you the pick of the bunch once we're done. Have a great day!

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