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Handwriting Quizzes Lite
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03/2009 Note:

Please write words in LOWER case to achieve best results.
Better candidates are words composed of some characters having heads and some having tails.
By heads, for example, we mean the upper halves of "l" or "k".
On the other hand, by tails, we mean the lower halves of "g" or "y".


What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Turn your iPhone into a handwriting analyzer! A fun app to play with friends at parties & bars that gives people a great laugh!

Handwriting Quizzes is a *real* handwriting analysis app based on graphology - a real field of handwriting analysis study. Our technology analyzes your handwriting sample and evaluates its graphological traits to give you the most relevant result to each quiz.


"Fun ice-breaker to meet new friends at bars!"

"Wow it's both useful & entertaining!"


Instantly learn more about yourself and your friends:

- What kind of friend are you?

- What kind of lover are you?

- How good are you in bed?

- How big is your ego?

- ... and much much more!


- take a moment to think of a word and write it on your iPhone screen

- our handwriting analyzer evaluates the graphological traits within your handwriting sample

- we give you a list of fun quizzes for you to know what your handwriting means

- a great ice breaker to share with friends!

What's New in Version 1.0.5

It is now iPad native application!
Please have fun sharing your handwriting photos on Facebook :)


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