Swiper - Test your Reflex

Swiper - Test your Reflex
  • Publisher: Magmic Inc.
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: 30 Mar, 2015
  • Size: 51.6 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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Have 30 seconds? Try this totally new addictive speed game!

Swipe the card in the right direction as fast as you can! Red card - swipe right, Green - swipe left, Blue - swipe down, Yellow - swipe up.

Three challenging and unique game modes to test your reflexes:
1. Speed - swipe as many cards as you can in 30 seconds.
2. Time Attack - Swipe 10 cards in 10 seconds. Every time you succeed you will get another 10 seconds to swipe, but each time with one more card than before!
3. Sudden Death - Swipe as many cards as you can in 60 seconds. Swipe a card in the wrong direction and the game will end!

Deck #1: Swiper Deck (unlocked)
Level: Beginner
Description: The original Swiper deck of cards includes Red, Blue, Yellow and Green cards

Take it to the next level by unlocking more advanced trick decks:

Deck #2: Bad Arrows
Level: Intermediate.
Description: Can you ignore the white arrows pointing the wrong way on the cards and still swipe the color in the right direction? Take your reflexes to the next level by playing this more advanced trick deck.

Deck #3: Bad Words
Level: Intermediate
Description: This deck has the wrong color written on the card! Can you ignore the bad words and still swipe the card in the right direction? Focus on color over text for this deck!

Deck #4: Double Bad Coaching
Level: Advanced
Description: This Double-challenging reflex deck has the wrong direction written on the card and also yells the wrong direction at you! Can you ignore the bad coaching and still swipe the color in the right direction? Turn your sound up for this deck!

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