The Monday Musing - The best Sonic The Hedgehog games for iPhone and iPad

By , on August 14, 2017
Last modified 1 year, 6 months ago

There's a new Sonic game coming to the 3DS this week, so that's exciting if you've got one of those. If you're a cool mobile gamer who doesn't have a 3DS though, you've definitely come to the right place.

You see, every Monday we have a bit of a musing. And this time around I'm going to muse about the best Sonic games that you can get on mobile. And some of them are going to be pretty shocking to you. They might not, I'm not really bothered either way to be honest.

Anyway, you can click on the emboldened names of the games below to download them from the App Store. And if you think there should be something else on the list, feel free to add your suggestions in the comments down at the bottom of the content.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing

Yeah, fine it's not a real Sonic game, but it's still one of the best kart racers that you can get on the App Store. It's slick, it's super polished, and you can still get it, unlike its sequel which seems to have disappeared from the App Store altogether. Drive karts, play as Sega icons, and generally have a lovely old time.

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Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash reminds me of Sonic Adventure. Because it's basically a game about going forwards as fast as you possibly can. It might not have the style of the original 16bit games, but there's still something engaging about it. Yeah it's an auto-runner, it's pretty standard, but there's a slickness to it that makes it worth your time.

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Sonic Jump

If you combined Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump, you'd basically end up with a really good Sonic game instead of two quite good ones. Essentially this is Doodle Jump, but with all the blue-speed-hog trappings flobbed on top of it. It's better than Sonic IV, but then that's not really that difficult. At least it doesn't have Shadow in it. Actually, it might have Shadow in it, I never checked.

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