The best mobile multiplayer games to play with your friends

By , on July 31, 2018

You've probably got friends, which is good for you. But what to do when you fancy playing some games with them on your iPhone or iPad? I mean, there are so many multiplayer games available on the App Store, how can you pick which one to play and which one to avoid like the plague?

Well that's easy, all you need to do is read this list. We've handpicked the finest mobile multiplayer games to save you any sort of hassle. All you have to do is click the links next to them to get them downloaded. Essentially we're a public service, a bit like the fire brigade but far more useful.

Hearthstone - download for iOS

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Not just one of the best multiplayer games on mobile, but one of the best games on mobile full stop. It's a CCG that sees you building up a deck of cards featuring classic and not-so-classic characters from the Warcraft universe. Easy to pick up, but if you get sucked into it you're going to find it taking over your life.

Guns of Boom - download for iOS

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Where Hearthstone is measured and strategic, Guns of Boom is about running around shooting people in the face. Okay, it's a bit more complex than that. Think Team Fortress 2 running on your phone and you're about 70% of the way there. Fun, fast, and so full of action it might make you a little bit weak at the knees.

Fortnite - download for iOS

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A list of multiplayer games has to have this 'un on it. It's changed the landscape of multiplayer gaming not just on mobile, but on pretty much every platform it's come out on. Fight to the death with a hundred other players as a deadly storm closes in around the island level. When you get your first taste of victory, you're going to find this one impossible to put down.

Clash Royale - download for iOS

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If Fortnite is the big, bombastic showcase for mobile multiplayer, then Clash Royale is the perfect counterpoint. Sharp and focused down to three minute bursts, it's all about laying down cards and trying to take out your opponent's king. The narrower scope encourages experimentation, and the battles are intense without ever outstaying their welcome.

Spaceteam - download for iOS

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If you've got friends in the same room as you, this is the game you want to be playing with them. Essentially it turns connected devices into the panels from a slowly disintegrating starship. Commands flash up, and you need to shout them out to your co-pilots if the buttons required aren't on your board. Mobile multiplayer doesn't get much more intense or hilarious than this.