The 5 best first-person mobile shooters on iOS

By , on September 12, 2018
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Ahh, now first-person shooters are very tricky beasts to tame on mobile. They're straight forward enough when it comes down to story, sure, but it's all about the controls.

If you don't have good controls, it's hard to have fun in a shooter and that can be very frustrating indeed. However, despite a generous helping of bad FPS on the market, we know you'll have a blast with these ones.

Just to throw it out there PUBG Mobile's not included in this particular list since I'm looking more at non-battle royale games. If you're hankering for a bit of BR, however, do check out this list right here.

Guns of Boomdownload on iOS

When it comes to competitive multiplayer experiences, Guns of Boom is the bomb.

Accessible to all players, it doesn't matter what your skill level is coming into the game, you'll be well engaged throughout. Thanks to a nicely rounded system for customisation, you can not only alter the physical appearance but also tailor your character to your play style.

More than anything, it's the quick-fire matches that are the real appeal. Both for casual gamers and those keener on the eSports-side of things, you'll battle through a bunch of different maps, use all sorts of tactics, and get your game face on.

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Shadowgun Legendsdownload on iOS

I know MADFINGER has a good few titles that could be on this list, but Shadowgun Legends is the most impressive of the lot.

Playing as one of the most celebrated soldiers around, you'll rise to fame by completing quests, building your own legend, and killing as many hostile aliens as possible. You'll upgrade your gear and mix and match depending on what you fancy.

What makes it such an awesome game to play is its HUB social system where you, and other celebrities, will convene, chat, dance, and take on missions together if you fancy it. Controls are buttery smooth, graphics are striking, and it's easily one of the best shooters on the market.

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Critical Opsdownload on iOS

If you're not so much in for the pleasing, more colourful graphics of some shooters, Critical Ops is a good old-fashioned FPS and still remains one of the closest mobile alternatives to Counter Strike.

You've got three game modes to play around with. Defuse has one team planting a bomb and another trying to defuse it. Team Death Match pitches two teams against each other in a fight to the death. Gun Game has two teams fighting again, but each person has to work their way through a cycle of guns to win.

It's always being updated and has a lot to offer fans of the genre.

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Dead Effect 2download on iOS

Dead Effect 2 has some serious Dead Space and Doom vibes and doesn't scrimp on horror of gore. Yeah, it's a bit grisly, but that's part of the charm.

After waking up alone and surrounded by blood streaks and body bits, you have to grab a gun and get into the action as zombies and mutants stand between you and your goal.

As you work through the ship you'll slay zombies, pick up bullets and cash, level up your character's traits and gear, and collect and upgrade weapons. If you've got a particular way you like to play, the on-screen controls are fully customisable and there's full controller support too.

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Hitman Sniperdownload on iOS

Some of you may argue this is more of a tactical shooter, but, hey, it's in first person and it's a really good game. Set up your sniper as Agent 47, wait for your targets, and take them out in the best way possible.

While that sounds a bit static, there's plenty to do and lots to think about. Over 150 missions await and an endless zombie-shooting safari just to test your skills. What? You've never seen zombies in Hitman?

You don't just have to go about it simplistically though. No, you can really get creative and use the environment to your advantage.

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