Snooker Club Topspins Onto App Store For Free

By , on April 21, 2011

Is it a sport? Is it a hobby? Is it a game? Is it a horse?

Who cares what snooker is classified as nowadays; all that matters is that the World Championship is taking place right NOW over in Sheffield, England, at the iconic Crucible Theatre.

So, why are you still reading this?!?!

Well, it’s because Future Games of London have shrewdly launched their universal Snooker Club game for free to coincide with the above ongoing prestigious tournament.

For an unknown, but probably sexist, reason, you shoot some balls against seven different female players on the path to in-game credits and snooker notoriety.

Intuitive touch controls, sophisticated A.I., and ultra realistic ball physics are quite frankly the deal breakers for any snooker sim, so it’s nice to see them present and correct in Snooker Club.

Future Games of London have already promised to update the title next month with online multiplayer and in-game betting.

My money’s on Ronnie O’Sullivan.

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