Run through Atari's latest version of Haunted House on iPhone and iPad

By , on May 16, 2014
Last modified 4 years, 10 months ago

As nothing smacks of innovation quite like converting an old IP into a mobile auto-runner, Atari and Kung Fu Factory have released a re-imagining of Haunted House.

Don't expect a Retina-port of the 1981 survival-horror though: the game has been updated with cartoon silhouette animations, and gameplay centred on swiping a path through spiders, traps, and other assorted haunted nasties.

As you play, you can grab power-ups and coins, building bridges over obstacles, and get the chance to level-up your character.

The game is F2P, so there are IAPs to utilise or ignore, depending on your preference. As it stands, the action looks smooth enough, and the soundtrack peppy and in-keeping with the cartoon aesthetics.

If you want to experience Atari's new vision of what a Haunted House should be, head on over to the App Store and grab it for free now.

[App Store link]


NeoPhyRe 4 years, 10 months ago

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