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Jake Escapes HD Review

Review Just Funny Games S.r.l. By Andrew Nesvadba, 6 years, 10 months ago
Jake Escapes HD Review

Jake isn't very bright - sure, he's the world's greatest thief, but stealing ultra-secret technology from the Government never ends well. Now he's caught up in the shadowy world of spies, agents and super criminals as they attempt to claim what Jake has stolen, so now he has to escape... up the side of a building. It's a flimsy premise to justify having someone springing their way up the side of a building, but you can take or leave the story as you dive in to the shallow, yet briefly…

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Trigonon Review

Trigonon Review

Trigonon by Just Funny Games goes to a lot of effort to introduce players to the concept of pinballs being 'thoughts' that need to be captured by exploiting memories (positive and negative) and other metaphorical objects, but ultimately this puzzler will test your skills at quickly analyzing levels and creating barriers capture all the balls as fast as possible. Tapping on the level will generate a barrier (as long as you have enough energy to do so) and can subsequently be spun aroun…

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