Cosmic Cab Review

By , on November 7, 2011

Cosmic Cab
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3 out of 5


  • The mind-twisting spiral levels are great design.
  • Enough collectables to keep hoarders happy.


  • The controls are fighting you every step of the way.


Cosmic Cab would be a fun experience if while playing you didn't feel ill-equipped control wise to tackle what the levels throw at you.

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Being a cab driver has its share of nightmares, but as bad as a city or high population area might be, it pales in comparison to the intergalactic cab circuit. And that's exactly where you make your living in Cosmic Cab. Can you get you passengers where they're going as fast as possible, while supplementing your income along the way by collecting all the precious anti-matter?

Whoever designed the roads in Cosmic Cab is definitely certifiable. Multi-lane freeways in a tube break away into single lanes that either defy gravity or are scattered around so only the most proficient lane hoppers can reach them. Along the way it's your duty to pick up all three passengers as well as all the collectables you can get your hands on. This is way easier said than done however. See, the turning circle of your cab is ill-equipped to handle the sharp turns that the game's levels throw at you, especially when you hit a spiral section. Add into the mix that a lot of the time you'll be in the wrong area when the freeway branches off into one path, and there's a lot of frustration to be had. The game somewhat alleviates this with a generous checkpoint system, but it's not enough to overshadow the control problems.

The game is quite nice to look at however, and the first time you play through a spiral section, it's pretty amazing. The music helps things along as well, adding to the overall presentation. With twenty-five levels and three stars to achieve on each, along with car unlocks, fans of the game should have enough to keep them playing for a while.

In the end Cosmic Cab is a neat idea with good presentation hampered by its controls. If they were a little looser this would be a lot more fun to play.


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