App Wrap Up (Midweek Edition, 11th June 2012)

By , on July 11, 2012

And here we go with another app wrap up. Remember, we can't vouch for the quality of these games. They just look interesting based on the trailer, and we think perhaps some of our readers might find them enjoyable (tell us if you do!). Let's get started!

Billy the Painter (Lipasto Games)

Sporting a cartoon style reminiscent of the Fleischer brothers, Billy the Painter has you tapping to cover up paint splotches... but if your paint hits the outer rim, the level is done. Simple and unique enough to warrant a look.
[App Store Link]

Nerdtris (APP-ARISE GmbH)

It's Tetris in binary, finding chains of 1s and 0s. I dunno what else to say about it. -.-
[App Store Link]

Puzzle Birds (Smart Studio)

Along with music that will get stuck in your head, this is an interesting take on a game with a cartoon bird. You are in direct control of the birds' flight path, and through manipulation you collect gems and guide it to safety. Simple and unique.
[App Store Link]

Moops (Moops Games Ltd)

A 3d action adventure game with a very striking world full of strange creatures. Minigames and upgrades afoot as you clear the land of nasty critters.
[App Store Link]

Big Win Baseball (Hothead Games, Inc.)

It looks like a baseball sim game, in which you create your team, trade and acquire players, and watch them compete for the pennet. Clever use of fake names for real players and teams.
[App Store Link]

Word Hex (Very Nice Studio S.A.)

Dealing with word creation, high scores, and multiplier percentages, Word Hex looks to be a competitive create-a-word game, with plenty of modes and more to come.
[App Store Link]

Well that's it for now. Join us next time on App Wrap Up (he says with a monocle and a glass of brandy in his hand).