App Wrap up (Weekend Edition, 23rd July 2012)

By , on July 23, 2012

Time for another App Wrap Up segment. What better way to start off the week than with checking some games that may or may not have some merit to them. As usual, we have not played these titles, but somthing about them struck us as potentially interesting so now we relay this information to you. If you do have a play of any of these, tell us what you think in the comments!

Traintiles (Mobiteos)

Kind of like Pipe Dream with train tracks. Not only do you have to guide the trains to the exit by manipulating the tracks, but you have to stop them ramming into each other as well. Also it's lucky that fast forward button is in the corner as once the puzzle is solved, the last thing a player wants to do is wait around.
[App Store Link]

Whakan (Bad Taste Pte. Ltd.)

Solid visuals aside, this trailer doesn't really inform us too much about the game, but it looks to have a turn based combat system. Is it an RPG, is it a strategy game? All we know is that you can call me Christopher, because this game is Whakan.
[App Store Link]

IspaceRetro2 (iSEBlog)

Space Invaders has the age on it to have easily been done to death by imitators. Still, there's something about the presentation and the more shoot em up mechanics of this game that made me give it a spot here.
[App Store Link]

Boomlings (RobTop Games)

A match three chain reaction game with a lot more focus on chain reactions and watching little expressive cartoon blocks explode. The top games of the genre, like Bejeweled and Puzzle Quest managed to settle on an amazing structure to their gameplay that felt easy, fair, and dangerously addictive. Has Boomlings got the same chops? As it's a free game, one way to find out!
[App Store Link]

Point Blast Free (Common Extract Sdn. Bhd.)

Another shoot em up that looks solid in the visuals and sound department. This game seems to favour chaining kills together for multiplier score bonuses. With different modes and difficulties, looks like a good shmup for no down payment (you just have to wonder how much of the game is designed towards in-app purchases).

Well that's another installment out of the way. Till next time folks! Away i go!


Seditqui 6 years, 8 months ago

I have been playing Boomlings for a couple weeks now, really enjoy it =)