billbilli bring their latest role-playing mobile game, Artery Gear: Fusion, to worldwide audiences

By , on June 14, 2022
Last modified 11 months, 3 weeks ago

billibilli, a Chinese Shanhai-based video sharing website with a sizable anime, comic and gaming slant, has announced the global launch for its latest gaming project, Artery Gear: Fusion. After making a lot of noise with its inclusion of high profile voice actors, Artery Gear went ahead and secured 500,000 pre-registration signees, giving the game quite a bit to live up to.

In a futuristic world, humanity lies on the brink as it so often does. A mysterious force known only as Puppets are besieging earth using a very heinous technique. By using Strings, the Puppets are able to control any human and weapons, and have used this skill to lay waste to countless cities across the world, and have brought civilization to its knees. The two remaining forces of Earth, Frontier and Autoluna, have been at an impas on how to proceed, with the lack of trust palpable. Faced with total annihilation, the two forces join together to form The Union, to strike back against the invades.

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Taking on the role as the commander in The Union, players are responsible for coordinating a team of over 100 mech girls split into five classes and taking the fight to the Puppets on a battlefield of chibi characters and spectacular skill effects . Despite the high number of these potential party participants, each of these Gears come with their own unique skills, personalities, full backstory and are voiced by an all-star cast of Japanese voice actors such as Akari Kito, Ayana Taketatsu and Yumiri Hanamori. On top of the star studded cast, the games theme song, Save Your Faith, is sung by Mika Kobayashi, who worked on the soundtracks of some notable anime such as Blue Exorcist and Attack on Titan.

Artery Gear: Fusion is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.