Explore the universe in Doctor Who: Lost in Time, the iconic series' first idle game

By , on March 9, 2023
Last modified 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Despite its lengthy tenure on TV and the massive following it has accrued, there haven’t really been many video games based on the British institution Doctor Who, but there is about to be one more with the worldwide release of Doctor Who: Lost in Time.

Developed by East Side Games Group, a company that sadly missed the acronym EGGS, and in partnership with BBC Studios, Lost in Time is an idle mobile game that puts Whovians into the shoes of the Doctor on a whole new, if not somewhat familiar adventure. Spanning time and space, a conspiracy has emerged, aiming to destroy the good old Doctor.

It is up to you to travel to far-flung places in order to amass a mysterious force called Cortex Energy, which you can use to power up Waypoints, explore additional locations, and defeat your enemies. On your travels, you will visit iconic places such as Skaro, Victorian London, and, of course Gallifrey.

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As you explore you will encounter the Doctors most feared enemies, from Cybermen to Daleks. However, you need not face them alone, as a Doctor is never without their companions. The iconic companions of the series will be available to collect and upgrade to make your journey easier. You will even be able to gather all the different incarnations of the Doctor.

East Side Games Group are clearly pleased to be working with the iconic IP, with CEO Jason Bailey saying “Creating a game for Doctor Who, a legendary franchise with remarkably ardent fans, is incredibly exciting,”

“We are thrilled to launch the first idle-genre mobile game inspired by the action-adventure classic, giving the enduring fan base of new and diehard fans an opportunity to explore the world of Doctor Who in the palm of their hands.”

Download Doctor Who: Lost in Time now from the App Store and Google Play to start galavanting across time and space with your favourite characters.