The Phantoms invade in the latest update to tactical PvP game Rise of Firstborn

By , on July 25, 2022
Last modified 3 weeks, 3 days ago

KIXEYE has announced the launch of its biggest and most ambitious update for real-time tactical PvP game Rise of Firstborn. Amongst the copious amount of content is a new competitive mode, cosmetics and a pet.

The latest hero to take for a spin is Eliona, a powerful scholar who wields magic, hailing from a realm that has unstable magic. Eliona and her people have been at war with the Orc Clans for generations, and the arrival of the nefarious Infidus has upset the delicate balance of her work. With her designation as a Research Hero, Eliona can unreal mysteries and knowledge at unparalleled rates.

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Alliance members of any and all character levels can support their alliance in grand campaigns by taking part in The Phantom World. Two worlds collide as the Phantom World starts to invade the land, and it is up to every member of the alliance to attack the Phantom World Strongholds in order to recruit the Phantom Troops. Alliance Members can then use the troops themselves for personal glory, or be tactical and send them to the most powerful teammates to use instead.

The players who have the guts to take on the toughest challenges will be in with a chance to gather the new Regal Champion Attack Set. There is also the chance to nab the all-new Crystalline Palace Castle skin, so both character and castle can be dressed in the most flashy of garbs.

For the last of the big updates, there is an adorable new pet to claim. The Phantom Whelp is a vicious but loveable phantom dragon pet, available via the in-game shop. In addition to being a baby dragon, as if more was needed to justify a buy, the Whelp delivers increased hunting rewards.

Rise of the Firstborn is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play, and those interested in the full patch notes can find them on the official website.