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Save The Puppies PREMIUM Review

Review HandyGames By Dave Flodine, 6 years, 5 months ago
Save The Puppies PREMIUM Review

Sometimes you just have to solve your own problems. If a dogcatcher is going to capture all the puppies in your area, instead of trying to deal with the issue on human terms, you should just  rescue the puppies yourself (as they have been dropped all over town in their cages). How might a lowly sausage dog complete such an undertaking? By eating sausages to grow to a sufficient enough length to solve puzzles of course! Save the Puppies uses an on-screen d-pad on the bottom left o…

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Guns'n'Glory Review

Review HandyGames By Andrew Nesvadba, 8 years, 7 months ago
Guns'n'Glory Review

Part tower defense, part real time strategy, Guns'n'Glory by Handy Games has certainly done a good job of grabbing my attention. In this Western themed title you'll need to ambush pioneers, taking them in for ransom, but don't get complacent as they'll try their hardest to avoid trouble by weaving through different canyons, forcing you to pick up and move your forces on the fly. Each of your 'towers' can be moved in order to deal with the constantly changing situations by tapping to s…

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