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iBlast Moki 2 Review

Review Godzilab By Andrew Nesvadba, 7 years, 7 months ago
iBlast Moki 2 Review

Despite my time at AppSpy, I can't claim to have 'played them all' (the games that is) and as such when a sequel like iBlast Moki 2 from Godzilab drops out of the blue it's hard to know if you're looking at an improvement or just an update. Thankfully it's not hard to use the 'way-back-when' machine to make a comparison and suffice to say if you enjoyed the first title, you're going to have a literal blast with the new one. What makes iBlast Moki 2 so much fun is the way in which play…

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iBlast Moki Review

Review Godzilab By Damian Chiappara, 9 years, 6 months ago
iBlast Moki Review

iBlast Moki is a physics based puzzle game for the iPhone. It seems like all the little Moki’s are lost and need you to help them get home. And the only way to do that is to use bombs to blast them into small wormholes. You must blast them over obstacles and into the wormholes as fast as you can for a better score. You control bomb placement by dragging a bomb from the right hand panel next to a Moki. From here you can see the path that your Moki will take according to the place…

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