Console-quality Dynasty Warriors mobile game opens for pre-registration

By , on November 30, 2019
Last modified 7 months, 1 week ago

Exciting news today for Dynasty Warriors fans, as a console-quality spinoff for mobile has now opened for pre-registration in China. This isn't the first time the popular series has made its way to iOS and Android, though the quality of the earlier titles has admittedly been rather mixed.

Attention was first brought to the game's trailer by Industry Analyst, Daniel Ahmad. According to Ahmad, this latest spinoff will feature a traditional Musou combo system, light RPG mechanics, and the large-scale battles that the series is known for.

Interestingly, it'll also offer some sort of city construction, as well as custom story modes. You'll be able to play as every general from the Dynasty Warriors games of yore, and – at least visually – it looks quite comparable to some of the more recent entries in the long-running series.

It's being developed by Koei Tecmo's mobile studio, which doesn't come as too much of a surprise. While the game has now opened for pre-registration in China, there's still no word on whether it'll launch globally at a later date. Honestly, I can't see why it wouldn't.