With My Cat is an upcoming pet sim for mobile devices arriving next week

By , on March 29, 2021
Last modified 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Neilo is launching a new pet simulator called With My Cat for iOS and Android devices. The game is releasing next week and adopting a bunch of small adorable kittens.

In With My Cat, you adopt these kitties and must bring them up to be strong, independent adult cats. When you spend more time with them, you raise their stats and get to know their various different kinds of personalities and quirks, just like looking after a real pet.

It’s also a social game, in which you can spend time with your cat and make new animal pals at the Friends Plaza. You can also use the Friends Hotel and Foster Parents as well for some additional interactivity.

The important thing about With My Cat is it feels like a personalised experience. Besides being able to open the app and interact with your kitten at any time of the day, there’s also a way to communicate with it using your voice, and the outside scenarios will also change depending on the time you actually spend together.

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The game also features a bunch of different breeds, including a Calico cat, Tricolour cat, bicolour cat, Japanese cat, tabby, Scottish Fold, American Shorthair and a Bengal cat. In total, there are roughly 100 different kinds of cats to adopt which also includes the different fur colours and patterns.

With My Cat also features an augmented reality system where you can capture AR photos and videos of your cats in the real world and are able to post them online.

If you’re a cat person and that sounds like something you’d want to check out yourself, you will be able to download With My Cat when it launches on the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store next week on 5th April. It will be a free to play game featuring adverts and in-app purchases.