Metal Slug : Commander Tips and Tricks - Using characters abilities, dispatching units of the same faction, getting through special enemies

By , on August 24, 2021
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Metal Slug: Commander is the most recent Metal Slug instalment from developers SNK Corporation. While the previous Metal Slug titles have you in full control of the characters, this game is a Card-based Gacha RPG where you command a special unit of characters or champions as they're often called.

The game doesn't entirely allow you to control the characters, but you can decide to use or not use their cool and somewhat exciting abilities on the battlefield. So in this article, we'll be detailing the tips and tricks of Metal Slug: Commander in order to help players quickly pick up on the gameplay and start using their powerful champions in a short time. So without further ado, let's dive in!

Use character/champions abilities

This is quite obvious in terms of tips because it's one of the most helpful advantages that players have on the battlefield. Using your characters' special abilities in battle sets the stage for a potential victory most of the time. So players who don't usually do this may find themselves losing more battles than they're winning.

The special ability bar is yellow-ish colored below your character's health bar. The abilities bar slowly fills up as you fight and kill enemies in battle. However, the tougher your battles, the slower it'll take for the special abilities bar to fill up, which sort of reduces or delays your chances of winning a match.

Equip characters with high damage attacks

Using your special abilities helps a lot in battle, but if you're using a champion whose level is low, it automatically means their damage towards enemies will also be low; the same goes for their special abilities. So when heading towards the battle, it is best to equip characters with high damage attacks, which in most cases allows their special abilities to get critical damage on enemies.

Equipping these powerful champions with high damage attacks gives you an edge over your opponents in every battle. Having champions with high damage attacks can help you become victorious even without using your special abilities.

Dispatch units of the same faction to the battlefield

When in battle, your champions fight better when they are from the same faction. These factions include Regular Army, Space Army, Desert Army, Rebel Army, Ptolemaic Army, and Revolution Army. So, in essence, whenever you are given units, they arrive in random factions.

So in order to do well in battle and get the most out of your champions, it is encouraged that you select units from the same faction and use them on the battlefield. This way, they'll fight better and be more organized. While this isn't a necessity for every battle, it is recommended that you do it for the toughest battles as it creates faction bonds between champions that can change the tides of a battle in your favor.

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Watch out for special enemies

Some enemies on the battlefield are not like the average soldiers. Some of these enemies can deal your characters with high damage attacks that could render them weak and eventually killed on the battlefield. One of the special enemies to watch out for is BARBELN, she's a member of the Space Army, and her special abilities include causing damage to the entire field; afterward, she can convert the damages caused and turn it into HP to replenish her lost health.

You will need to concentrate your firepower on her to put her down before she puts you down quickly. Another enemy with special abilities to watch out for is the GUERRILLA TROOPS; these guys start every battle with full energy, giving them the ability for short-range flight, allowing them to fly behind your characters and deal damage.

You can take them out by swapping your Rear Row and Front Row units whenever you come across them on the battlefield.

Use your Coupons

There are three types of coupons in Metal Slug: Commander that is located at the Talent Center - Normal Coupons, Faction Coupons, and Friendship Coupons. Each of these coupons allows you to recruit up to 10 new champions and take them to the battlefield.

Normal Coupons are the first you'll own, although not all players know what these Normal Coupons are used for. Normal Coupons are used to multiply units of characters/champions in Metal Slug: Commander. They give less powerful characters, and while these coupons aren't always easy to come by, it's best to put them to good use, especially if you're having a hard time completing a particular stage.

Having 10 Normal Coupons gives you the opportunity to get up to 10 new playable characters in the game, some of which possess very cool and high damage special abilities once upgraded to a certain level.

For Faction and Friendship Coupons, these aren't very easy to come by, and you may have to pay real money to get them even. But as you progress in the game and move to new locations, you will stumble upon fierce enemies that are tough enough to put down, and if you successfully put them down, you will be handsomely rewarded with some of these hard to get coupons.

Equip Gears

The game tutorial was overdue, yet it doesn't really tell the player about equipping gears for battle. Each character has room for gears when on the battlefield, and some of these gears include Special Shields, Ordinance Shovel, Boots, and many more.

Each character possesses a unique gear that they can equip before battle to help them emerge victoriously. Players should equip these gears for their most reliable characters since they'll be the last ones standing in battle, and they'll most likely be the ones to actually use their gears.


It is quite easy to acquire normal in-game currency in Metal Slug: Commander, as you are given a considerable amount of gold and gems after each battle. Hence these tips and tricks guide does not include ways of multiplying in-game currency.

The game does not include Ads either, so the only way to acquire more in-game currency other than the one you're already getting after each battle is by paying real money. Players who want to get their hands on Faction or Friendship Coupons early on will have to pay to get them.

Metal Slug: Commander is a pretty straightforward Card-based Gacha RPG game, and if you really take the time to go through its very long tutorial, then you'll face no slack in commanding your units and winning your battles almost every time. It is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.