Lamentum serves up a terrifying world of Lovecraftian horrors

By , on July 9, 2019

Lamentum, from developer Obscure Games, is an upcoming horror game that takes you on a terrifying trip through mid-19th century New England. You play as Victor, an inquisitive aristocrat who takes it upon himself to discover a cure for a mysterious, unexplained disease.

He’s heard talk of a reclusive earl with the power to grant wishes. The only problem is that the old coot is holed up in the Grau Hill mansion, a monster-filled hellhole of a place. Cue a grisly trip into the darkest depths of human nature, one with Lovecraftian horrors and oddball characters to spare.

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It wears its inspirations on its sleeve, including Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil, and of course H.P. Lovecraft. Exploring the secret-filled mansion sounds like a great time, and all the enemy and environmental designs look nasty in the best way possible.

There’s some combat here too, though much like the classics that it draws from, you’re not going to be able to gleefully shoot your way through every macabre creature you stumble across.

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Lamentum’s Kickstarter campaign is still ongoing at the time of writing. The stretch goals include an extra mode with a new playable character called ‘The Lost Child’, as well as a Nintendo Switch fast-track. Everything indicates that this could be another a great indie horror game, so go give it a look and see what you think.