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Clock*Rocket Games’ frantic 3D zombie shooter poses the question: “What are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere, with all your guns, surrounded by all these freaking zombies?”


three guns,

five lives,

and every zombie in hell.

How long can you survive the horror?

“DEADSHOT” – aim for the head!

Copyright 2009 Clock*Rocket Games

Keywords: game, shooter, arcade, zombie, horror, survival

- Frantic survival-horror action!
- Stunning 3D, 360-Degree game world!
- Horrifying 3D Zombies with dozens of animations!
- Switch between three (3) different weapons in real-time.
- Precise head-shot (instant-kill!) modeling for all weapons.
- Score extra points for consecutive head-shot kills.
- Unlock achievement ranks by accumulating total kills.

Languages: English

Requirements: iPhone operating system version 2.2.1 or later

What the reviewers are saying about DeadShot:
- "This game is a blast! Simple, but a lot of fun if you like to blast zombies."
- "All I can say is that deadshot is full of roflberrypwncake and LOL-tastic win!!"
- "Deadshot is a great zombie shooting game and at .99 highly recommended."
- "This game is great if you like a lot of blood."
- "I highly recommend this game for its presentation and great atmosphere, smooth responsive controls, and zombie theme."

What's New in Version 1.1

- ONLINE Leader-boards support! Shoot your way to the top of the Open Feint ladder!
- ONLINE Achievements! Unlock a crypt-full of cool, challenging achievements!
- NEW USER-INTERFACE! Updated and otimized user-interface system with new graphics.
- BETTER SHOTGUN! More powerful, more damaging, overall much better for close-range killing.
- FASTER RIFLE! Considerably quicker reloading for the rifle makes this weapon much more valuable in v.1.1!
- New player tutorial! Detailed in-game instructions teach you how to dominate the undead!
- OS 2.2.1 compatibility


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