Leo's Fortune Review

By , on April 29, 2014
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Leo's Fortune
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4 out of 5


  • Rich, detailed presentation
  • Nice platform puzzles
  • Natural control scheme


  • Floaty jumping can result in undeserved deaths


Leo’s Fortune will immediately impress with its lush presentation, but will keep you coming back thanks to its tight physics platforming gameplay.

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As small green furballs go, Leopold is one of the more industrious. His life as an engineer has earned him a mountain of gold that he treasures above all else. One day he returns home to find it stolen, and immediately sets out in pursuit.

Leopold's path is marked by a trail of gold coins. All you have to do to guide him to his prize is follow the sparkling breadcrumb trail across five different lands, each filled with beautifully crafted environments and physics-based platform puzzles.

Controlling Leo is simple thanks to the streamlined controls. Touching anywhere on the left half of the touchscreen brings up a slider to indicate Leopold’s relative speed. Moving your thumb either left or right will then start the furry fellow moving in the desired direction. Though we generally found ourselves ignoring the slider, on later stages the precision it offered proved invaluable.

The right of the touch screen controls Leo’s inflation. Sliding up lets him inflate, causing him to jumpand float , while swiping down sends him crashing to earth. You can also use his puffed-up body to raise platforms and trigger switch. Unfortunately, Leo’s buoyant nature can make his jumping feel a little imprecise, leading to some undeserved deaths, but the generous checkpoint system goes some way to combatting this

As you progress from lush forest to icy mountains, new mechanics are layered into the puzzles. The first big change comes as you visit the ocean area. Here, watery pools let Leo bob happily on the surface. Swipe down, however, and Leo will sink like a stone. You can then inflate the little chap to send him rocketing upwards, shooting out of the water to reach higher levels. Twists like this keep the gamplay engaging and exciting, with new elements are introduced, forgotten, and then reintroduced when least expected.

Leo’s Fortune offers a gorgeous world to jump, float, and slide your way through. While mechnically it isnt the most original experience, the implementation of its physics-focused platforming, combined with its presentation, make this fluffy adventure easy to recommend.


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