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We're always on the lookout for all the latest and breaking news in the iOS and mobile gaming scene for AppSpy, so if you have a useful bit of news you think we should publish, don't hesitate to let us know. From publishers to developers, PR, and even our very own readers, we'd love to hear from you if you have something that will interest our audience.

Below is a list of emails you can use to get in touch, along with direct emails if you need to pass information onto a team member.

AppSpy currently specializes in iOS (iPhone/iPad) content, and mobile/smartphone platforms in general. If there's any general gaming news big enough for us to cover, we'll gladly look into it as well.

(Please note that emails to one member of the team may be shared with other members of the team. No emails will be shared with outside parties.)

And please bear in mind that we get hundreds of emails a day. It's just not possible to reply to all of them, but we do our very best.

General advice for PR

If you're looking for coverage, the most important thing is to make an interesting game. Assuming you've got that covered, you can improve your chances of being noticed by following the steps below when you email us.

  • Make sure you include trailers, screenshots, and relevant information.
  • Send us promo codes BEFORE your game goes live on the App Store. Don't worry - we won't publish reviews until the day the game goes live in the US. It just helps us to get our reviews ready for launch days.
  • If AppSpy or one of our beloved rivals (or compatriots!) has already covered one of your games it's a good idea to remind us and include a link to the story.
  • Don't be afraid to name drop and tell us about any significant industry experience. If your best friend and mentor is Shigeru Miyamoto or you worked on Big Console Game X, that could be what makes your email stand out from the dozens of others we get on a given day.
  • Write an interesting email. It sounds obvious, but no matter how good your game is if you send us an email ignoring all of the above advice there's a very good chance we'll miss it.

And it doesn't end with the story. If we said something nice about your game or gave it an award at review, feel free to quote us, and get in touch if you want a copy of the award graphic to use on your site or promotional materials.



For game announcements, hardware releases, awesome tips about corporate corruption or rampant copyright abuse, and so on, contact news [at] (tips [at] also works)


If you're working on a game or a piece of hardware and you'd like us to take a look, drop us a line at previews [at]


For game and hardware review requests, contact reviews [at] Don't forget to include a promo code if it's an iOS game, and give us screens, trailers, and all relevant information, whatever the platform.

Videos and trailers

If you've got a trailer you'd like us to publish, you can submit it via news [at], however please include relevant 'embedding' code so we can ensure it goes live as intended (failing this we may endeavor to upload the content to our YouTube account with appropriate links)


If you’d like to give something away to our readers in a competition, please contact competitions [at]

Promo codes

We're always very happy to receive iTunes promo codes for reviews, of course, but we're also happy to publish the ones we don't use on Twitter and Facebook. If you have some promo codes to give away, mail them to promocodes [at]


If you’d like to advertise on AppSpy, there’s a range of options available to you. Contact advertising [at]


AppSpy and the Steel Media network has an unrivaled editorial team and a great deal of experience providing high quality content to partners. To inquire about syndicating content from AppSpy, contact chris [at]


Are you a talented and knowledgeable writer looking for a bit of freelance work or a full-time job? We generally advertise posts, but it can't hurt to drop us a line anyway - jobs [at]

Tech Support

If you've spotted a bug, want to see something added or have any other tech inquiries, feel free to make contact at techsupport [at]


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