rRootage Online HD Review

By , on September 8, 2010

rRootage Online HD
  • Publisher: fraglab.at
  • Genre: Casual
  • Released: 28 Aug, 2010
  • Size: 27.8 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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4 out of 5


  • Pure bullet-hell with four gameplay modes.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Challenging, evolving boss fights.


  • Unforgiving gameplay for those who aren't shmup fans.


rRootage Online aims its sights at shmup fans who need bigger and better challenges while still being somewhat approachable for the casual action fans.

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Permit me a moment to geek out a little as it's no surprise that I enjoy the occasional shoot'em-up (shmup) and when someone mentions Kenta Cho I get a little thrill shiver down my spine. rRootage Online is a port by fraglab.at of this incredible title for iDevices, but viewers beware, this is not for the feint of heart.

The basic controls are extremely simple, with your ship being controlled by touching and dragging your finger on screen and tapping with another finger to activate your special ability. Each ability depends on which of the four modes you have chosen to conquer, with each mode focusing on a unique shmup mechanic that may be familiar from other major games. Normal mode gives you a bomb that also eliminates incoming bullets; Psy mode rewards players with invincibility if they can graze past enough bullets; Ika mode, much like the game Ikaruga, allows players to switch 'colors' to absorb bullets of the same color; and lastly GW mode allows you to temporarily reflect incoming bullets back.

In typical Kenta Cho style, the game is minimalistic in its visuals, with vector based artwork and flashy effects that focus on the mechanics of defeating an evolving 'boss'. Each level slowly steps up the complexity of the patterns used, eventually reaching levels that are truly insane to complete.

For those unsure about picking up this title, there is a lite version already available, but for those who consider themselves fans of the shmup genre, this is without a doubt a must buy.


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